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Why 20 in 30

Understand what it’s going to take to take for you to get your 20 – and why it matters to do it in 30.

Creating a Schedule

Map out all your activities and appointments to ensure you reach your goal of 20 in 30.

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Laying the foundations of success begins with your mindset. Prepare yourself emotionally, physically and tactically to launch this effort.

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Fill the Funnel

Learn how to fill up your calendar with enough prospects to result in 20 recruits.

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Tell Your Story

One of the most powerful tools in this business is telling your story. Learn how to make your story genuine and compelling.

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Close the Deal

By the end of 30 days, a lot of your prospects will be thinking about your proposal. Help them make decisions while educating them in the process.

Get It Done

Hold yourself accountable for your progress. How do you ensure you follow through with your goal?

Our Top Lessons

All the tools and techniques you need to level-up your social marketing skills and scale your personal business!

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Change Your Life
with Zapple

Change Your Health

Our goal is to help change your health with premium natural, science-based products, and educate you of the importance of gut health to your overall wellness.

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Improve Your Life

Everyone deserves to life a balanced life, and we want to be your partner in helping you achieve that: start your own business, generate income, spend more time with family, and pursue your passions.

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Help Others Along the Way

Our goal for Zapple is to be an instrument and movement to transform lives. Let’s work together in helping you and others feel better and become their best selves.

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